Family responds to death of slain Richmond woman

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The family of a slain Richmond woman is speaking out.

Brittney Randolph was found stabbed to death in her Midlothian Village apartment Friday morning.

Police arrested 22-year-old Moses Jones Junior and charged him with murder.

Brittney's family describes her connection with her alleged killer as violent.

They say the 20-year-old was full of potential and the kind of violence that ended her life, also needs to end.

A four-year-old daughter will now grow up without her mother, a grandmother now mourns the little girl she raised.

"He took my baby away from me," said Brittney's grandmother Earlene Randolph.

Earlene tells us Brittney and Moses Jones have a four-year-old daughter together.

Their relationship often turned violent and Randolph says her granddaughter was trying to move away from him.

"I'd say be careful Brittney. Be careful Brittney. You don't know what he might do," she said. "I always told her that. I said careful Brittney you don't know what he might do. And he did it."

An eerie warning.

Randolph's life was tragically cut short this week when police say Jones stabbed her to death.

"A neighbor downstairs said she kept hearing Bree say leave my momma alone. Leave my mamma alone," said Earlene.

The 20-year-old recently moved out on her own to an apartment in Midlothian Village.

She was just months shy of graduating from nursing school.

Her mother wishes she could talk to her.

"Let God take you baby, let God take you and I'll see you later," said Brittney's mother Beverly Randolph.

The heartbreak still fresh, the family is turning its attention to Brittney's daughter Brianna, the four-year-old they believe will bear the scars of witnessing her mother's murder.

"Bree is the only part I got left of Brittney, the only part I got," said Earlene. "Now I have that no more. He tried to take everything from me."

Right now that four-year-old girl is in protective custody.

Under these circumstances, that is police protocol.

The grandmother will be in court Monday to try to regain custody.

They'll also make funeral arrangements.

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