Local pastor reflects on aid trip to Haiti

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We continue to hear stories of Richmonders, who dropped everything, to rush aid, to the people of Haiti.

Pastor Victor Torres of New Life Outreach International saw the early images of the situation in Haiti and made a decision to gather medicine and go.

Pastor Torres met a fellow pastor in New York City, hopped on a plan to the Dominican Republican and then took a six hour, harrowing bus ride, before arriving in Port-Au-Prince.

He had one goal, deliver 1000 pounds of medicine to a hospital in need.

When they made the delivery, the hospital workers were overcome with joy.

They had been treating all of the injuries without any drugs to dull the pain.

"They were so excited because that at least they had this, so immediately we emptied the van and they were celebrating," he said. "It just moved us to tears to see that, the agony, the suffering, it was just horrible. I had never seen anything in my life like this."

The pastor said that he was angry when after they left the hospital, which had no medicine, and drove to the nearby airport and saw cargo load, after cargo load filled with drugs, that didn't appear to be going anywhere.

He said the infrastructure to get the aid out, is still in shambles.

Pastor Torres said his congregation was especially touched by this tragedy because they have a number of Haitian members.

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