Question remain after fatal fire

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As night falls on the home where three people were found dead after their house caught fire, their neighborhood is quiet. The windows of the home are boarded up but fire damage is still evident. Neighbors are still trying to make sense of what happened.

"It's a numb feeling. It's very numb you know?" said neighbor, John Dixon. "It's people you know. You see this outside you know, on TV and it's far away from you but this is next door."

Dixon lives next door to the home where the fire broke out. He only occasionally saw the husband, wife and their 20 year old son that lived in the home as did most of the people who lived nearby.

"They were very quiet neighbors," added Deborah Smith. "Like I said, we waved hi and goodbye, so it's very upsetting."

Caution tape still surrounds the home where this fire happened and the air still smells like smoke. And while most of the residents said they don't even know their neighbors, they say that this incident will never be forgotten.

"No, I'll never forget it," said Dixon. "I mean that house will probably sit that way for a long time and I'll see it every day."

Fire investigators still have not confirmed that the 3 died because of the fire. Determining a cause could take several weeks.

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