NBC12 Viewpoint: Max's Positive Vibe Cafe

By Don Richards, NBC12 Regional Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond has a locally owned restaurant which has been featured on the NBC network and profiled in the Wall Street Journal. This national attention has come because of its service -- its service to our community.

Max's Positive Vibe Cafe on Forest Hill Avenue opened its doors five years ago with a very unique mission. It provides job training to persons with physical and cognitive disabilities.

This non-profit enterprise is dedicated to helping these individuals learn basic food service skills. The training classes typically last four weeks and include instruction on how to locate and apply for paid jobs in the food services industry.

It has graduated over 300 persons since 2005. Over half of the employees at Max's Positive Vibe Cafe are unpaid volunteers. Many of them work at other area restaurants including local chefs who contribute their talents to help provide opportunity -- one excellent meal at a time.

The cafe is open six days a week and serves up great food and entertainment too. Several times a month some of Richmond's best known musicians come in to donate their time and talent. It all adds up to an experience for everyone exactly as the name implies.

Check out Max's Positive Vibe Cafe in person or online, at www.positivevibecafe.com or on Facebook.

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