Police: No evidence to suggest foul play in missing Chesterfield woman case

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We've uncovered new information in the case of a missing Chesterfield woman. Kelly Catalano disappeared from work almost a week ago. Police told us they haven't uncovered any evidence to suggest foul play is involved. Police said Kelly Catalano's recent conversations lead them to believe she was considering the end of her life.  Kelly's family, however, said "there's absolutely no way she committed suicide."

Her work station at BluePrint Automation sits empty. Kelly Catalano's coworkers said they miss the woman who never came in without a smile.

"I think that's the word: traumatized," said President Mike Ganacoplos. "We're beyond scratching our heads."

There are more questions than answers. Thursday, Chesterfield Police told us they've been looking into Catalano's recent discussions and writing.

Capt. Terry Patterson said they uncovered, "…questions about religion and what happens after you die, questions about baptism and things of that nature."

But Kelly's family told us she was always searching for answers and those aren't uncommon topics. Catalano's bosses, though, told us there was something unusual about January 15.

For the last couple weeks, Catalano and two of her coworkers would walk along Innovation Drive near the factory around 11:30am every day. The morning of her disappearance Kelly told those two men she would join them. When they paged her to say they were heading out, she never responded.

Kelly had already left the building.

"Somewhere around 10 o'clock or 10:30am she left her work station and went over to a couple of the guys in the shop and said, 'hey I'm leaving. I'm going for a walk,'" said Controller Tom O'Connell. "Nobody saw her again."

Catalano's family still believes someone took her. Police told us for now, this is still a missing person case and they'll continue the search.

Police also revealed an eyewitness saw Catalano running from the building to the river, but no one was chasing her. They'll continue to search that area tomorrow, using aerial pictures to identify wooded areas they haven't yet hit.

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