Richmond facility providing thousands of maps for Haiti

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Since the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti, the Richmond Map Facility at Defense Supply Center Richmond has been working rapidly to supply the military and federal agencies with maps essential to ongoing humanitarian relief efforts there, according to a release from the DSCR.

Employees in DSCR's Mapping Customer Operations Division have so far processed 1,343 orders for 37,595 total maps and charts, according to its deputy chief, Kevin Bettis. The maps were sent from Richmond – more than half via overnight delivery – to units on scene and en route to Haiti.

Bettis said the orders are primarily coming from units with the Marines, Army and Navy.

"What they have been ordering are hydrographic charts to navigate ships into the area, and topographic maps so they know where they're going once they get on the ground to provide the quickest relief and support possible," he said. "There have also been orders for aeronautical maps by units using helicopters to fly in and out. A lot of those helicopters will either be flying off aircraft carriers or landing in the area."

DSCR's Mapping Customer Operations Division is responsible for the supply management of 75,000 different maps and charts. DDMA receives, stores and ships many of the products managed by Mapping Customer Operations. There are also several Map Support Offices throughout the world to aid in timely deliveries to theater customers.

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