Fatal accident on I-95 in Prince George Co.

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Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - A fatal accident on I-95 in Prince George County has killed one person. The Interstate is open back up for traffic again, as of 8:35 Wednesday morning.

The preliminary investigation show two people inside of the moving truck. It appears the driver may have fallen asleep and gone off the left side of the road. At some point, the truck came back onto the road and turned over onto the passenger side. A man in the truck was killed, while a female was flown, with critical injuries, to VCU Medical Center.

The 18-wheeler appears to have crashed into the moving truck after it flipped. The driver likely did not see the vehicle on the roadway; he hit the vehicle while trying to avoid it, then crashed into the left shoulder guardrail.

Police have not revealed who was driving the moving vehicle, nor do they know at this point where they were coming from - they did have a North Carolina license.

Clayton Brown is a truck driver, who was stuck on the side of the road following the accident. He sat there for almost 5 hours and was as close as he's ever been to an accident like this.

"It's somewhat of the nature of the business. You don't ever get accustom to it but you see it a lot," says Brown. "You're always fortunate that you aren't the one involved and you feel bad for the ones that are."

Another driver we talked with was Mark Sherwood. He was also stuck in the mess on Wednesday afternoon. "I've just been catching up on my Blackberry sending some e-mails back home," he says.

Investigators are working to figure out the exact cause of the crash and they are also working to notify the next of kin.

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