Chesterfield leaders talk capital improvements

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – The pressure is on to hammer out the budget for fiscal year 2011. During a joint meeting the board of supervisors and school board members talked capital improvements. For the school system, it means no new construction, instead, renovations to existing buildings and campuses.

"Renovating our schools, making sure that the existing infrastructure that we have is in place, and then making sure that we have the proper resources for our teachers," said Chesterfield school board member David Wyman.

Although the school district has hammered out its capital improvement program the county still has several questions.

"We were not on the same page as far as why they wanted additions and renovations," said supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle.

Some school board members want the county to also hold off on new construction - although no formal CIP has been released. However, supervisors made it very clear they were not going to build a new facility without the funds to pay the bills or employees.

"You want to take care of what you already have before you build new," said Jaeckle.

Though today's meeting was merely a discussion school and county leaders say it's important to discuss the budget months before it's finally approved.

"These are tough times that we're and people are going to ask tough questions, so we shouldn't shy away from those kinds of things," Wyman said.

The superintendent will submit his budget for next school year at the end of the month. The school board must approve it before it goes before the board of supervisors. Supervisors will hold public hearings to discuss their capital improvement program and the over-all budget in the coming months.

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