Late night battle continues

Posted by Iva Radman – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)--Last night on the Jay Leno Show Jay stopped the joking to be serious about the late-night situation. He says he never really wanted to leave the tonight show, but he's been going along with what the company wants.

Leno says NBC spoke with him about his ratings.

"Ok, so they come and they go listen, this show isn't working. We want to let you go. Can I get out of my contract? They go, no, you're still a valuable asset to the company.  How valuable can I be? You've fired me twice. How valuable can I be?" Leno laughed.

Right now it looks like Leno will be back on The Tonight Show, forcing Conan out. Leno said an announcement could come as soon as today.

Despite more rumors of Leno returning to The Tonight Show, Conan supporters rallied outside of his Universal Studios set yesterday. They want the network to keep the man they affectionately call "Coco" on The Tonight Show, but many say they realize it probably doesn't matter what they want.

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