140,000 Meals from the Red Cross on the way to Haiti

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 100,000 plus meals are on the way to help the people of Haiti rocked by the devastating earthquake one week ago, today. The food comes from donations to the Greater Richmond American Red Cross.

It's a race against the clock for the volunteers at the Red Cross. They are working fast, to load up about 140,000 ready to eat meals to ship to Haiti.

"We hope that this will provide some level of relief because when you look at the images on TV, you just think, this is horrible," says volunteer John Hagerty.

John and other volunteers are the ones behind the scenes. But it's people all across our area that allow this to happen.

"It's really gratifying to get all of the phone calls that we've been getting. A lot of people calling and saying, 'what can I do? How can I help?'," adds John.

So far you've stepped up in a big way. Our Call 12 lines have brought in almost $54,000 and even more through the phone lines at the Red Cross.

Donations, that help ship this food away. "We need to get rid of it. There are people down there that need it real bad,' says volunteer James Dawson.

Such a big shipment is on its way, that it will actually wipe out the food at the center.

"An empty warehouse here means the supplies have been moved, so it's actually a good thing to see," adds John.

We're told the food will be replenished within the next couple of days.

it makes you feel good. You're out here, helping people out.

The food is now on it's way to Miami. We're told it will be there around noon on Wednesday. Then, right away it will be placed onto ships and sent to Haiti.

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