Neighborhood concerned with rotting trees

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Richmond's Museum District is lined with trees. Hundreds of cars park under them every day. So neighbors are stunned and wary after a tree that left quite an impression overnight.

A chopped up tree limb fell down early this morning, smashing right through Lindsay Sterling's windshield, ending on the dashboard. Residents who are forced to park on Patterson Avenue are now worried, their car could be next.

Forget the nice weather. People strolling along Patterson Avenue are checking out Lindsay's brand-new car.

"I'm devastated for her. It's unbelievable," said resident Lillian Shirley.

"I was shocked when I saw this car by the big tree," said Jason Jennings, resident.

After just two short months, Lindsay was finally getting used to her car. She's now saying goodbye.

"Like a stake just sticking through the roof, down into my dashboard, into my CD player. I really liked that CD too by the way," said Lindsay.

According to neighbors, the early morning accident was bound to happen.

"As far as I know, almost every one of the trees has Dutch elm disease," Jennings said.

"It's very scary knowing some of these trees are going to fall. And they look very old. The city should really consider taking some of them down," Lindsay said.

City of Richmond offices were closed Monday, so we couldn't get an answer for Lillian Shirley or Jason Jennings who were just two cars away from disaster.

"Our condo is already kind of emailing each other, trying to figure out what we can do to help prevent any of our cars from getting damaged," Jennings said.

As for Lindsay, after she notified her insurance company she was off to work, mindful of the hovering hazard.

"I'm definitely going to look where I park from now on. I'm going to stay away from the trees, I'm pretty sure," she said.

Lindsay's car is totaled, yet all things considered, she's in good spirits. As for her neighbors, they're fired up, hoping the city covers the damages and prevents something like this from happening again.

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