Richmond adults and kids gather to remember MLK Jr.

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Hundreds of people gather in Richmond to hear a message of hope, inspiration and the need to unite as one, to remember the life of a man who laid the foundation for change that we see today.

The dream of one man, is now the dreams of many, through song and their presence. Adults and kids were standing together to make the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior a reality.

"To spend time with the family and friends and learn what he did so we can be better people today," said Richmond student Dearia Allmond.

"To what's done for the civil rights movements for all of us to get along, and accomplish our goals," said father Robert Allmond.

Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones and other leaders conveyed the message of what dreaming can do, all across the world.

"So many people are worried about monuments and honor... But at the end of the day MLK lived and died so that we may have a better community," said Mayor Jones.

On this birthday celebration, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's message of service is even more important. This, as hundreds of thousands of people are affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

"If he helped people then we should help people too because he did it out of the kindness of his heart and that's what we should do," added Dearia.

A message to get involved and to stay involved. To build a better world, hat some say is still not where it should be, so many years after MLK's famous speech.

"I think we're stepping back. We have freedom, but are we using that freedom wisely? to educate our community, our kids?" asked Robert.

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