Group returns from Haiti safe

By Gene Petriello - bio | email
Posted by Iva Radman – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)--A group of people from two churches in Richmond are back safe this morning, after surviving the earthquake in Haiti. The group was down in Haiti to meet and work with a church they provide support to in the country.

During that mission trip -- they scrambled for cover when the massive earthquake struck. The images of destruction, collapsed buildings, bodies in the streets, continue to show Haitians struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake. It's these images that five people from two local churches here in Richmond saw firsthand.

Gail Rilee said it felt like they were rocking.

"We felt like we were on a boat…just swaying back and forth," Rilee says.

This group--on a service trip to the country--was there when the earthquake struck on Tuesday. These men and women were in Haiti to meet and work on building their relationship with their sister church. Although the group was a good distance away from Port-au-Prince they knew right away -- they were living through a quake.

Pat Ross said the whole thing is unbelievable.

"They seem to have faith and a whole of contentment about the situation they have down there."

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