Bob McDonnell sworn in as governor

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia's new Governor Bob McDonnell, is officially on the job.

Around 4 thousand people witnessed the first Inauguration in Richmond in 8 years. The 71st governor enjoyed a packed crowd and perfect weather as he took on the oath of office.

Each aspect of this event was carefully planned and executed. But planning an Inauguration and running a state are two different things and McDonnell acknowledged that there are tough times ahead.

"Competition for jobs is intense among the states, and between nations," said the new Governor during his inaugural address.  "States are aggressively positioning themselves to best appeal to job creators and entrepreneurs"

But instead of making excuses, McDonnell pointed to his legendary predecessors. Men like Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, who had issues of their own to deal with.

"New opportunity helped them meet the challenges of their time," he said. "Greater opportunity will help us meet the challenges of ours.

And McDonnell was all smiles as he celebrated being sworn in. But his campaign and his speech today showed that he has some big goals and he is going to have to get to work right away in order to accomplish them."

"Where opportunity is absent, we must create it.  Where opportunity is limited, we must expand it.  Where opportunity is unequal, we must make it open to everyone."

Fostering that opportunity is what this new governor hopes will be the trademark of his administration.

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