Army veteran gets brand new home

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A Henrico man, who survived a vicious attack while serving in Iraq, is getting a helping hand to get his life back to normal.

Staff Sergeant Dwayne Cole is lucky to be alive. A bullet hit him in the neck leaving him a quadriplegic. The injury means that he needs a lot of help to perform mundane tasks. And thanks to a special program, that help is already on the way.

After serving two tours in a war zone, Dwayne Cole is used to loud noises. But instead of noises that forced him to run for cover. These noises are a sign of something good.

"These people are taking away from their own day to day living and their own day to day routine to come and support this project," said Cole.

An injury in Iraq cost Cole the use of his hands or legs. Performing simple activities has become a difficult chore. Enter the Homes for our Troops Build Brigade.

"These homes aren't built with sticks and stones, they are built with loving caring hearts," said Larry Archer, Homes for our Troops Build Brigade.

An army of volunteers, not soldiers are building Dwayne a home from scratch.

"The only thing that was actually here this morning was just the foundation. That was it," Cole said.

The new house will be fitted with equipment that will make life easier for Dwayne. But being able to open the front door, or turn on a faucet, is only the start of what this project will provide him.

"It's going to give me a new start at life. You know build a family, or in the future it's a lot of good things coming out of this," said Cole.

A new start that the corp. of volunteers feel is the least that they can do for this American hero.

"Just when you think you can reach your highest high and the highest emotion you've ever experienced up pops another one and it supersedes the next one," said Archer.

And this new home is going to improve Sgt. Cole's life almost immediately. He and his wife currently live in a small apartment, with bathrooms that his wheelchair cannot even fit into.

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