UPDATE: 12 students involved in fight at L.C. Bird in Chesterfield

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A fight involving at least a dozen Chesterfield students prompted a lockdown Wednesday at L.C. Bird High School. Those students face charges, and parents receiving a message from the school.

Around 12:10 at least a dozen students fought in the halls during a class change. As emergency crews responded, the campus followed procedure; it went on modified lockdown. Classes continued, but everyone had to stay in their rooms.

"Definitely childish but very common," said senior Jennifer Morasco. "They just do it because they're angry in the moment and they don't think about how it's going to affect them later."

Outside, unaware of the details, mother Cheri Lovern is worried after receiving a text message from her son.

"Of course I worry about what happened at Columbine and at the other high schools," said Lovern.

She's glad no one was injured, no weapons used. She's using Wednesday's altercation as a learning lesson.

"He knows there is no fighting. I've also told him to walk away. You can always walk away, you can't argue with yourself," Lovern said.

The 12 students will be charged with disorderly conduct and assault and face disciplinary action by the school. The principal of L.C. Bird has called parents, informing them of the fight.

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