New search planned to find Morgan Harrington

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - The parents of missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington are sharing details about how they're moving forward with the search for their daughter who went missing during a Metallica concert last October.

Harrington's parents met with the founder of The CUE Center for Missing Persons. The North Carolina based group is working to launch a new search effort in Charlottesville to help find Morgan.

Harrington's parents said the more people looking for their daughter, the better the chance at solving the mystery.

Atop the Copeley Road bridge, Dan Harrington penned a new message to Morgan.

"Come home soon," he wrote on a memorial wall.

"I really think you could say this is where Morgan was amputated from our life there's a stronger word for what happened because abduction doesn't cover what happened here on this bridge," said Morgan's mother, Gil Harrington.

"People do not just vanish someone has seen something and someone it is our belief took our daughter," said Morgan's father, Dan Harrington.

On the nearly three month anniversary of Morgan's disappearance, the couple isn't giving up hope and over the Christmas holiday enlisted the CUE Center to help turn up new leads.

"We need to expand the search zone and start looking in areas that maybe weren't a concern in the immediate onset of the case," said CUE Center founder Monica Caison.

Caison's group will consist of professional search and rescue teams from as far away as Florida and Missouri.

Caison applauded efforts by residents who've participated in past searches near the John Paul Jones Arena where Metallica played the night Morgan was seen getting into a car on the Copeley bridge.

Community members had planned to go out again Saturday but postponed it because of snow.

"I think this community stepped up and people did all that they can do all we're doing is adding to that resource to try to get further into the case to find Morgan," said Caison.

Dan Harrington believes someone in Charlottesville has answers.

"Someone out there knows something," said Harrington, "Whoever took Morgan is still in this community this is a vulnerable community I think at this point in time."

Caison expects to launch the new search in February.

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