Elderly man rescued from lake at Byrd Park

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - An elderly man rescued from a lake in Richmond's Byrd Park. He is now recovering after being pulled out of the freezing water this afternoon.

Just after noon today the man told rescuers that he was walking near the water when the walker he was using tipped, causing him to fall into the water.

He was trapped in there for some time until two department of public utilities workers drove by and noticed him signaling for help.

They immediately jumped in to action and helping pull the man to shore.

Obviously at this time of year the temperatures in water like this is can cause serious medical problems.

That's something paramedics were concerned about when they learned of the situation.

"With the temperatures the way they are it takes no time at all for hypothermia to set in," said Department of Parks And Recreation director J.R. Pope. "Your body just can't take that kind of shock to be in the water for that long."

The man is doing okay. His family came and brought him warm clothes and have since taken him home.

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