INTERVIEW: Cuccinelli pledges funds to Daily Planet

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This Saturday, Virginia will inaugurate a new slate of statewide leaders. Among them will be the former state senator from Fairfax, Ken Cuccinelli who will be sworn in as the Commonwealth's Attorney General.

And we were fortunate to be joined live today by the Attorney General-elect. See the video at right for the full interview and responses.

Q: This week, both you and Bill Bolling the Lt. Governor and Bob McDonnell the governor-elect have held a variety of inauguration events to celebrate taking office. You did as well today, right here at the Daily Planet in Richmond, can you tell us about it?

Q: Why was important to direct these funds to help the mentally ill in particular?

Q: The plight of the mentally ill came into sharp focus during the tragedy at Virginia Tech. It was an issue, that Bob McDonnelll did much with during his time as attorney general. Is their more that the attorney general can do to help this situation?

Q: Now as you get set to take office, you are in the process of filling out your staff. You took some criticism last week about the make up of your senior staff. Your appointments have been predominantly men. Do you think that it is fair to say that your staff is not diverse enough?

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