No skating on Richmond lakes, waterways

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities is asking the public to stay off its frozen lakes and waterways.

The department has lakes at Byrd Park, Bryan Park and Forest Hill Park. "Although they may appear to be frozen, they are not safe," said Department Director J. R. Pope.

"When the temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing as they have recently in Richmond, it causes a 'honeycomb' effect within the ice, which weakens it," Pope explained.  "While they may look inviting, they are dangerous."

The department has posted "No Skating" signs around all park lakes. This includes the three lakes at Byrd Park, the Azalea Garden Pond and Young's Pond at Bryan Park, and the lake at Forest Hill Park. The signs use a symbol of a man ice skating with the familiar circle and bar stamped across it.

The canal is frozen in some spots as well, and the same recommendations should be followed along the canal and at the locks at Great Shiplock Park.

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