Father offers reward in daughter's murder

Erica Williams
Erica Williams

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Richmond Police are asking for the public's help to bring closure to the family of a Henrico woman. 21-year old Erica Williams was found shot to death in October of 2008. Detectives are still looking for her killer. Now, Williams' father is offering a reward for information.

Jerry Williams is hoping a reward of $5,000 will help bring his daughter's killer to justice. The case is now 14 months old and time isn't healing his wounds.

After Williams got the call every parent dreads he says he asks himself all the time, "Why?  Why Erica?"

"It was like I was waking up from a bad dream," he said. "I couldn't believe it and I kept on saying to myself, 'This is not true. This is not true.'"

His daughter Erica, who had turned 21 just ten days earlier, had been shot to death.

"She was some place she had no business being, with people she had no business being with," Williams said.

Richmond Police found Erica's body in the 3300 block of Moody Avenue, an area known for drug activity. Detectives said she was there to buy marijuana and believe she was killed when someone tried to rob her. Williams said that mistake cost his daughter, her life.

"I think what it's like for me is that I wish I were a magician and I had a magic wand and I could turn back the time for her," he said.

Police arrested two men in the murder. A jury found one not guilty. Prosecutors decided not to go forward with the other trial, citing a lack of evidence. We went back to the crime scene with Det. Jeff Crewell, who said police recently got a tip that may break the case. They want more information before filing charge and hope $5,000 will be incentive.

"I do believe there's additional people out there," said Crewell. "I can only hope that they'll come forward and provide us the additional information we need to bring some sort of justice to Erica's family."

A separate reward of $1,000 is also being offered. If you know anything that could help detectives solve this case, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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