VT families continue push for gun and mental health reform

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The families of those injured or killed in the 2007 mass shootings at Virginia Tech met for a final time with Governor Tim Kaine Saturday.

Kaine hosted the families at the Governor's mansion -- one week before he leaves office.

Governor-elect Bob McDonnell's Chief of Staff Martin Kent attended the meeting.

Families said they hope the next Governor will work with them, the way Governor Kaine has.

"Hopefully with Governor McDonnell, we'll continue to work on the mental health reform that needs to be done," said VT victim Derek O'Dell. "It's definitely severely lacking part of every state's budget. Also, closing the gun show loophole will be a huge thing that we need to get done."

Kaine agreed to three meetings with the families as part of an $11 million settlement -- in which the families agreed not to file a lawsuit over the shootings that killed 33 people, including the student gunman.

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