Chesterfield County prepares for 2010 census

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – The eyes of Manchester Middle School students are upon the 2010 census.  Now armed with facts, the hope is students will tell their parents to participate.

"The forms are going to be going out in March," said US Census Bureau employee Brenda Steppe.  "For anyone who has not returned that form April 9, those will be the individuals who will get the knock at the door and the friendly reminder."

Something that may help is new this go around. Chesterfield's Complete Count Committee is comprised of about 20 people from the community.  

"It's really important that we get counted so that we qualify for every federal dollar that we can right now," said county employee Chris Ruth.

The distribution of more than $400 billion in federal money is based on the total population of a city or county. The more residents counted the better.

"It can provide an impact on the county on how our magisterial districts are divided," said Ruth.

Chesterfield expects to see shifts in population, demographics and a larger Latino population.

"They'll say their ages they will identify themselves by their race, their ethnic background their relations to other people who live in their home," Steppe said.

It doesn't ask for social security numbers or citizenship status. Census employees take an oath of confidentiality. Right now, more employees are needed, with several jobs still unfilled.

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