Georgia murder mystery with Chesterfield connection

Maureen Allaben
Maureen Allaben

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A bizarre murder case with a Richmond area connection. Dennis Allaben, 46, is behind bars in Georgia charged with murdering his wife.

Investigators say he drove around for at least two days with the body of Maureen Allaben in the back of his truck. During part of that drive, they say he made a stop in Chesterfield County.

Police say Allaben dropped off his two young children on Monday in that southern Chesterfield neighborhood.

One neighbor said police visited the home on Carlton Forest Court on Monday, the same day police in Georgia were asked to check on Allaben's wife. There was no answer at the home of Allaben's relatives. One neighbor's eyes teared up when we asked questions.

"We have no comment, I'm sorry," said one neighbor as she walked away from our camera.

Another neighbor said Monday night she saw two officers at the home and later in the week, children she didn't recognize.

Police in DeKalb County, Georgia say they believe Dennis Allaben got in his pickup early Monday with the body of his wife Maureen wrapped up in the back. Authorities say he then drove their two children, a 7-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy, from Georgia to Chesterfield, where he left them with his relative.

By Tuesday, he was in police custody in Clayton County, Georgia.

"We received information from police a white male arrived there stating he'd killed his wife," said DeKalb County Police Chief William O'Brien.

Flower bouquets have been placed on the front steps of the Allaben home in Georgia. Police say there was no blood inside or signs of a struggle. Neighbors say Maureen Allaben, was a food stylist and also a set decorator for BET's "The Mo'Nique Show." Concern mounted when she didn't show up to work.

"As the day progressed more people were showing up and concerned because Dennis had not been at work that morning, and Maureen had not shown up that morning," said neighbor Lynn Thatcher.

At this point, police say they don't know why Allaben killed his wife or how. They're awaiting autopsy results. Neighbors in Georgia say nothing indicated problems between the two.

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