Arrests made in home burglaries in Hanover, Goochland and Louisa

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A major break in a home burglaries investigation spanning three counties. 25 year old Montel Terry and 38 year old Erving Stewardson are behind bars accused of breaking in to 12 homes in Hanover, Louisa and Goochland. Authorities say the two could be responsible for even more crimes.

Hanover authorities say detectives in all three counties started sharing notes last November after each locality saw a spike in home burglaries. Terry and Stewardson are accused of swiping weapons, electronics and jewelry. One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, says they also stole her sense of security.

A security system is a new addition to this Hanover woman's home. It was installed after she said Montel Terry of Richmond and Erving Stewardson of Louisa rummaged through her belongings last November.

"They did not do a lot of damage inside the house at all, in fact, they were very neat and considerate," said the woman.

Except, they didn't leave empty handed she said. The woman said the suspects got inside through a sunroom window. She said they pocketed coin collections and a lot of jewelry.

"Some of it had been in my family for a long time. A lot of it had been made specifically for me," said the woman.

Hanover authorities said detectives have linked Terry and Stewardson to three burglaries in their county, three in Goochland and at least six in Louisa. Captain Mike Trice with the Hanover Sheriff's Department said detectives logged a lot of hours chasing leads.

"Looking at old cases, who was arrested recently ,who got out of jail recently, who might have pawned some property recently; just everything you could imagine," said Capt. Trice.

The arrests came on December 30, but the investigation is not over.

"There are other cases that we believe are linked to, and they're busy collecting evidence to make those charges also," said Capt. Trice.

This victim hopes to get her belongings back. But she may never feel at ease in her own home.

"I don't know if I'll every feel safe. Hopefully I will," she said.

So far, Terry and Stewardson have only been charged in the Hanover and Goochland cases.

Captain Trice said detectives have recovered a lot of the stolen items that were sold to pawn shops and jewelry stores around the region. He said they're trying to get those items back to their owners.

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