Snowcasters of the Year

By Andrew Freiden - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – There's not much left of that big December snow. Just some dirty, sad-looking piles in the corner of parking lots. But in that storm's wake, three central Virginians are proud, they have warm hearts. They are the snowcasters of the year.

Our first winner admits there was no science behind her prediction:

"It was a random guess!!!" said Amanda Gertner.

Amanda didn't realize she had picked the right day until after the fact.

"A friend told me the next day, because her dad told her," she said.

Our next winner: Brian Sterowski of King William County realized he might win before the snow started falling.

"I was in a meeting and I told some people that I picked today in the NBC12 contest," said Brian.

Brian's technique: he picked his birthday. Same technique used by NBC12's Heather Sullivan. She was also born on December 18, and has already reaped the rewards of being a winner.

Heather Sullivan: "Everybody in Walmart knew it was my birthday, and that I was snowcaster of the year!"
Andrew Freiden: "So how does it feel?"
Heather Sullivan: "It feels great!"

So what are the expert predictions for the rest of this winter?

"I feel, no my scientific forecasting, is that we're going to have another snow, but not one as big as this.  Just a few flakes, here and there," said Heather Sullivan.

"We'll leave that to Andrew, Jim, Sagay, and Tom," Brian said.

We're going to fire the competition up again, when the weather starts to get cold next winter, so start thinking now.

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