Chesterfield County considers changes to temporary sign ordinance

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Temporary signs advertising a new neighborhood require special approval right now. If there's no permit on the books code enforcement officers tear'em down.

"Some developers are finding it's hard to get people to come through and actually see the developments," said Greg Allen with Chesterfield County. "A lot of the developments are in areas that are way off the major arterial roadways."

And in this economic climate every sale counts. So the Board of Supervisors will now decide whether to allow temporary signs for developments.

"This would probably reduce the number of smaller temporary signs that developers throw around the county," said Allen.

But we're not talking a sea of signs. Developers would be limited to one big one off a major road, making sure to steer clear of right-of-ways. Smaller signs would then navigate potential buyers to a development. Signs for community events could also get amended approval.

"There could be up to 10 of these (signs) that could be 32 square feet 8 feet tall. When the event is over they have to immediately come down," he said.

Greg Allen says the idea for the ordinance change came from residents wanting to promote a festival in Chester. Claudio Anzelmo is eager to promote Pizza Express.

"As a business owner I'm also tending to go towards: I need my name out there, just like everybody else," said Claudio.

As a resident of the county, Claudio understands the need for sign limitations.

"Chesterfield County was trying to avoid the clutter," said Claudio.

Yet he's crossing his fingers approval from the Board of Supervisors leads to future approval of temporary signs for businesses.

"I think everybody deserves some exposure," Claudio said.

All temporary signs must be on private property. The way it works right now, organizations and businesses must get special approval to set up signs. The Board of Supervisors is set to discuss the issue during a public hearing on January 27 during it's meeting.

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