Water pipes bursting all over Richmond area

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You might be surprised by how simple it can be to winterize your home, and even though Winter is upon us, it's not too late to save yourself some hassle and money in the short and long term.

The warehouse at Marshall Mechanical has been busy as calls for service are pouring in.

"We've seen a lot of frozen pipes," said Sean Cantrell, president of Marshall Mechanical. "We've been getting a lot of complaints of houses just not getting warm enough, and we are seeing a lot of compressors or outdoor units freezing over."

Travis Griffith also works at Marshall Mechanical and he showed us some casualties of this cold weather.

A two inch pipe that froze and burst at a local apartment complex, and a major fix was needed when the same thing happened at a home with a pipe in the bathroom.

Mostly likely problems that could have been prevented if things were kept a little warmer.

"You can insulate around doors and windows, your attic, and you can insulate your pipes," Cantrell said.

Some other good tips to staying warm this winter:

- Keep vents and doors to unused guest rooms closed;
- Get regular maintenance on your heat pump and furnace;
- Do whatever you can to keep cold air out, like bubble-wrapping your windows.

Most of these tips are fairly inexpensive measures that will cost you a little bit of money now, but save you big time later. Get more tips from Marshall Mechanical.

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