"Redskins Mania" lottery winner

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – And despite the Redskins woes, one Disputanta man thinks there is nothing they can do wrong, primarily because they helped him get 1 million dollars richer.

Cody Clement had already won $50 on a lottery scratcher game on New Year's Eve, but he wasn't done there. He decided to pour some of those winnings back into a "Redskins Mania" scratcher ticket.

It turned out to be a good investment when he saw what the ticket revealed on the last line.

"Then I got to the bottom row number 9 and I won a million dollars! I was jumpin', schoolin' out in the parking lot in two seconds, and I almost knocked the door over. I woke everybody up in my house, everybody. They didn't believe me, but who would? Its a million dollars!" said Clement.

Clement bought the winning ticket at Salem Brothers on South Crater Road in Petersburg. The store gets $10,000 as well for selling the winning ticket.

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