Cars seriously damaged by I-95 sinkhole

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Despite the danger the sinkhole on the ramp from I-95 North to Broad Street in downtown Richmond caused, no one was hurt, but many cars sustained serious damage. Damage that was probably unavoidable.

Motorist Francesca Braly is left with more than $500 worth of damage to her Toyota Corolla, but after running into the massive sink hole on 1-95, she is actually counting her blessings.

"I'm surprised my car did not fall into the hole to be honest," she said.

She needs two new tires and wheels, plus a new headlight. But that was only part of the problem. The sinkhole turned her car into a sitting duck on a busy exit ramp. At one point, even putting her life at risk.

"At first I was trying to wave cars to go around it, but it became too dangerous to do that, because they were coming in my direction so I climbed over the guardrail," Francesca said.

But as Francesca learned firsthand, avoiding holes in the road is almost impossible for drivers. Virginia highways and byways are currently littered with the aftermath of a winter storm. A storm that left behind messy and chewed up asphalt.

Automotive expect Emerson Miles says there is no telling just how much damage a pot hole can leave on your car.

"It could be damaging a tire, a wheel suspension parts or losing control of the car. It depends on the sizes of the hole as to how far down you," said Miles.

Miles said getting a regular check on your cars alignment and suspension could help your vehicle deal with the impact. But for the most part, your only defense is to hope and pray.

Of course, the sinkhole is a much different and much bigger problem than the average potholes your car dodges on a regular day. Believe it or not, Francesca and the several other drivers who ran into that sinkhole all escaped without any injuries.

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