Teen shot and killed by police taunted officers via police radio

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Chilling words from a Virginia teen moments before he was shot and killed by State Police.

Authorities say the teen stole a sheriff's cruiser Friday afternoon.

The suspect, 18-year-old Colby Eppard of Stanardsville, proceeded to taunt officers over their own radios

"That is, if y'all ******* try to kill me because that's the only way I'm giving this ******* car back," he said. "You underestimated a true hunter. I stalk my ******* prey, I stalk them. Sit there, I watched your little fat *** run up through the woods and look around and you didn't even notice that I was gone with your car. That's how a real hunter does it."

Albemarle, Greene, and Virginia State Police officers were all in pursuit of Eppard.

Police say it started when they tried to stop him for unauthorized use of a vehicle.

He managed to escape on foot, circling back around and stealing a running Greene County sheriff's deputy's car.

Spike strips were used to stop the car on Route 20 in Albemarle, then things turned deadly.

"When the suspect crashed the vehicle, he got out and started firing at police that had stopped behind him in the course of the pursuit," said VA State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller. "Obviously firing at the police, they returned fire."

Police aren't confirming who fired the deadly shots but all of the officers involved are now on administrative leave.

State and Albemarle County police know this deadly shooting could have claimed more lives.

Their focus now is on why one teenager opened fire in the first place.

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