Strangers reach out to woman in need

By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Martha Simms' story is a shining example of the holiday spirit; strangers committing their time and resources to help someone in need. Tonight's 12 On Your Side the woman who motivated so many of you to call, is showing off her new home repairs.

"Look at that beautiful floor," said Martha Simms.

Martha never expected the blessings to be so abundant. But strangers watched her story and saw how she struggled without complaining; having to heat water to bathe, and a partial ceiling collapse caused by a bad roof. Calls to 12 On Your Side resulted in 6 companies getting the 74 year old living comfortable and safe.

Diane Walker: "The floor looks really good."
Martha Simms: "Doesn't it just though? I was just tickled. Put new linoleum and everything. And I really didn't expect all that. I was really thrilled." 
Diane Walker: "So, what do you think of all those people that helped?"
Martha Simms: "I think they're so nice. Very nice of them."

All those nice people installed a new roof, tore up the old flooring, and put down a new one. They hauled away the old sink, purchased, and installed one that functions. She even got a new hot water tank.

Martha Simms: "Much easier, you can put your hand there, is it hot?"
Diane Walker: "O yea, absolutely."
Martha Simms: "That's just what I want. They put just what I wanted, tan it matches. I was tickled when they said come on in."

They also rewired her entire home and the best part, it all happened in time for Christmas. All that's left now is the drywall in two rooms. A company out of Hopewell promises to do that.

"I want to thank them so much," said Martha.

We want to thank "Top Solutions" in Petersburg and "Rent Equip" in Colonial Heights for donating materials, "Southside Handyman Services" for the flooring and sink, "One Hour Heating and Air" and "Mr. Sparky" for the electrical work and hot water tank, and "Hermitage Roofing". It would not have happened, without you.

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