Educational Editorial: New Year's resolutions

By Dr. Bill Bosher, NBC12 Educational Specialist

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - New Year's resolutions have a common theme: improvement. The most frequently stated are: spend more time with your family, get fit, save, reduce your debt, do more for others, and get organized.

In "A Kick in the Attitude" Sam Glenn writes, "I believe that many people make resolutions with an expectation that just stating the goal will bring positive change to their lives. But resolutions only work if you make a plan to make them work…"

Gretchen Rubin in "The Happiness Project" says, "I think that New Year's Resolutions (whether made on January 1 or some other time of the year) absolutely can work. However, resolutions are far more likely to succeed if you frame them the right way. Be concrete…and Hold yourself accountable."

Children are wonderful for so many reasons but perhaps one of their most endearing qualities is the purity through which they view of all that is around them. "Pop, you don't have any hair" is not a observation to punctuate my baldness, but simply a statement of fact. Their world is a place less of "maybe" and more of "is."

A promise is a promise. My Dad ran an appliance business on a hand shake because a "promise was a promise."

A breach of good faith always has consequences. We live in a time when marriage seems to be a "test drive" and bankruptcy a clever accounting maneuver.

As we begin the New Year with our families, friends, faith and very "futures," let's consider carefully the promises that we make to ourselves and others…and make a plan to keep them!

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