Woman's home gets much-needed repairs

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We have a 12 On Your Side update tonight on Martha Simms. Her story motivated many of you to call and offer help to the elderly woman, who has a positive attitude, despite everything falling down around her.

Minutes after her story aired our phones lit up with offers to help the lady struggling to keep water out of her home. You'll be amazed by the generosity local companies have shown her.

Star service from 6 companies that stepped up to help. A procession of vehicles and workers drew all her neighbors' attention.

"Hermitage Roofing" was one of the first to call 12. The owner, and others in the company, saw our story and started calling each other.

"My wife actually called me on the phone and said you really need to see this. One of my partners saw it and he said this is the one we need to do this year," said Mark Coffey, Hermitage Roofing.

They did it for the feisty senior with the strong work ethic and positive outlook. A new roof, a roughly $2,500 job.

"Shingles are old. It's been leaking for years. It's been patched. It had 2 or 3 layers on it. It was just in really bad shape," said Coffey.

To value the badly needed repairs, just remember Martha Simms back in November.

"I heard something say bam arama. I said what is that?" said Martha.

While looking at Martha's ceiling we spotted another problem. Martha had no hot water to bathe or do laundry.

"I heat my water in a pan on the stove," she said.

Not any more thanks to two companies. "One Hour Heating and Air" and "Mister Sparky" banned together. Martha has a new hot water tank and no more fuses - they upgraded the electrical wiring in her entire home.

But, before any of that could happen, the sagging kitchen floor had to be taken out because they were too rotted to support the new appliance. "Southside Handyman Services", removed the old flooring and installed new vinyl, it also bought a new kitchen sink and cabinet; an estimated $2,500 job.

"Most of my people are here today, they're all volunteering their time," said Brian Wells, Southside Handyman Services. "It really touched my heart. We have the expertise that the lord has given us to know how to do this kind of work, so we just decided this was the time."

On Thursday, we'll show you, just how happy Martha is and update you on, the last work to be done.

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