Doctors concerned: Another spike in flu, H1N1 cases?

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Health experts are worried we will soon see another spike in swine flu cases as well as more people getting seasonal flu.

It's why they are still urging people to get vaccinated against both viruses.

Right now, most doctors aren't seeing any people coming in or out of these doors experiencing the swine or seasonal flu, but that doesn't that the virus isn't lurking just around the corner

"We know that it's probably coming," said Dr. Kenneth Lucas. "It would be nice if it didn't, but in the past, it always does."

Lucas says they've seen very few swine flu and no seasonal flu cases since late November -- a fact that actually worries him.

"The public health people are concerned that there will be a resurgence," Lucas said. "This is traditionally what has happened in the past with any type of viral, influenza type of thing.  The other problem is that the seasonal flu hasn't really shown up yet."

The good news is both vaccines are now available to anyone who wants one, and doctors say the vaccines really are your safest bet.

"If you get the flu, you're looking at missing three or four and often a weeks worth of work, and if you're health is impaired in any way, you risk serious complications because of it, so there really is no downside to taking the flu vaccine," Lucas said.

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