Richmond airport travelers changing their habits

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

HENRICO (WWBT) - You'll find an increase in security at Richmond International Airport, as passengers change the way they travel so they don't miss their flight this holiday season.

In fact, some people are arriving so early that they have to take a seat to wait for their flight before they even go through the security checkpoint.

One of those people making a change is Ruby Saxton.

"Because of the terrorist problem and also because I'm going to Detroit," Saxton said.

Today, she arrived two hours before her flight was scheduled to leave. That is doubling the amount of time she usually spends in an airport.

"Over two hours is what you're going to do when you hear terrorist attack, because you're going to have long lines," she said.

Long lines like the one we found early Monday morning in Richmond, lines that formed at the ticket counters and at the security checkpoints.

"We talked about it this weekend watching the news. We thought we better get there early," said John Maxcey.  He and his family decided to follow the advice many have forgotten about, arriving two hours or more before their flight to Houston leaves.

"It's good. It's for us. It's protecting us. A little inconvenience yes, but I rather that, than blow up," adds Maxcey.

His wife expected more security. "I'm expecting to see dogs, more tightness going through the security line," Kim Maxcey said.

You can expect TSA Agents to search your bags, clothing and more. So Ruby made another change, to get through the line a little quicker.

"You don't carry on anything that's too big or something that can make you look suspicious," Saxton said.

Old habits people are getting back into the habit of doing anytime they head to the airport.

Also note, the security you see here in Richmond will likely be different at other airports across the country.

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