Last-minute shoppers making final Christmas purchases

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - We're less than six hour away from Christmas and if you haven't already gotten all of your shopping're out of luck. We caught up with some shoppers who waited until the last minute to do theirs.

The stores at Chesterfield Towne Center were packed with customers today rushing around to pick up a few last minute gift items before closing time. Because of the recent winter storm most found themselves with no choice but to shop on Christmas Eve.

"Because of the snow we weren't able to get out, so unfortunately, we had to sort of wait until the last minute to shop. It's something I usually do anyway," said last minute shopper Debbie Hargrove.

"Actually I think they just run out of time! You just don't realize how much you don't have," said shopper Deone Allen.

Stores opened early Thursday morning in anticipation of the large crowds. Most retailers are hoping that extended hours will help make up for business lost in the past weekend. So far they've noticed an increase in customers every day since the storm hit. Hours before closing time on Christmas Eve, most people had the majority of their shopping done.

"I got a really cute little thing for my daughter. It's know...a calendar thing for my husband just little things," said Anna Holland, last minute shopper.

"So you've got a couple bags there. What's in them? Ahh! I can't tell that secret!" said Lawrence Casper who was finishing his Christmas shopping.

And for all those last minute shoppers a gift wrapping station helped them complete their task just in the nick of time. Some even had a chance to pose for a photo with Santa to complete their Christmas shopping experience.

And while stores will be closed on Christmas Day. They're going to be opening up early the day after Christmas for what's expected to be a big day for retailers.

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