Christmas Baby: Couple awaits birth of daughter

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The holiday's are a special time for most families - but for one, young Chesterfield couple this Christmas will be one to remember. They're expecting a baby - a little girl any day, and they have big plans for this child.

Their names are Joanna and Robbie Christmas. They expect to deliver their little bundle joy - when else but on Christmas Day, but that's not even the odd part of this's what they plan to name this child that will surely make you smile.

The lights are up, the house is decorated, and the presents are wrapped but for Joanna Christmas, Robbie Christmas and little Trey Christmas the real gift this holiday won't be under will come from the maternity ward.

The Christmas family is expecting a little girl and as soon as the ultra-sound confirmed the child's sex, Joanna & Robbie knew what they had to do.

"We knew that when we had a little girl, we were going to name her Mary Christmas, she would be Mary Grace Christmas," said Robbie.

Unusual? Yes. Unprecedented? Not exactly. Robbie says it's a family tradition.

"My grandmother's name was Mary Christmas. She actually married into the name, and they got married on Dec. 25, so they had fun with it. And my older sister's name is Mary Christmas, as well," said Robbie.

So with grandma - Mary Christmas, and aunt - Mary Christmas, this third generation, yuletide blessing will be in good company, but the name is not without controversy. Joanna & Robbie admit, not everyone is on board with this idea.

"There's mixed feelings, some people think it's absolutely terrible, and they beg us not to do it," said Joanna.

"I've seen some people say, no, no you can't. Why would you do that to this little girl," Robbie said.

Still the family says they have more than enough Christmas spirit to overcome any obstacles the name may bring. A name that will be on the tip of your tongue throughout the holidays - Mary Christmas.

"Most people ask us, how are you gonna spell it, and I'm like, okay yeah, we're not going that far. M-A-R-Y."

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