Stores open late for last-minute shoppers

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield Town Center is full of people looking to snag those last minute. It's one of the many stores in the greater Richmond area that's staying open later to cater to last minute shoppers.  The stores at Chesterfield Town Center are abuzz Tuesday night. Wednesday is the last full day for customers to shop before Christmas and many people are taking advantage.

"I am shopping for my family! Yes! Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!" said shopper, Yvonne Holley.

The recent winter storm kept many people at home at a time when they otherwise would have been shopping. From now up until Christmas day, stores are expecting a big rush and are doing what they can to cash in.

"We're seeing tens of thousands of people come in and out over the next few days," said Chesterfield Towne Center mall manager, Ashley York. "It's a little bit higher than our normal crowds based on Saturday. However it's still very busy."

"You know it always creeps up on you," said last minute shopper, Jeanette Wilson. "You think you have all this time."

JC Penney is one of the many stores catering to last minute shoppers they're opening their doors from 7 am till midnight. That's a 17 hour day if you still have things to get for people on your list. Store like Toys-R-Us will be open until 1am Wednesday night. And Wal-Mart is selling zhu zhu pets Wednesday morning -- starting at seven. And other department stores at Chesterfield Towne Center and even Virginia Center Commons are all staying open till midnight for people who still have things to buy. And if you happen to run out of time most stores are offering gift cards. They are the best way to get that perfect gift for the last person on your list.

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