Richmond residents asked to move cars off streets for snow removal

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Move your cars off the streets if you can! That's the message from Richmond Public Works to residents as they try to clear ice and snow from neighborhood roads.

In Westover Hills, King William Road is more of an ice rink. It's tough to navigate for Jonathan Knizatko and his neighbors.

"Trucks haven't been through right here just the main roads are fine," said Knizatko.

Only a few have driveways. Most residents are limited to on-street parking. Richmond Public Works officials said that is making it harder for them to clear the roads of snow and ice.

"We understand that for a lot of people it's basically impossible for you to park anywhere but on the street. If there is any type of alternative all we're asking is people to use it; if you have a driveway you can use, if you have a garage you can pull into," said Sharon North, Spokesperson for Richmond Public Works.

"We've got a garage but it only has one spot, so if you have more than one car you're on the side of the road by your house," said Knizatko.

North said snow removal crews are working regular shifts dropping salt and sand on the streets to provide more traction as well as using construction equipment like motor graders to chop up the ice.

"I'm just hoping it melts before Christmas, because I know there will be a lot more traffic with families," said Knizatko.

North said the city doesn't have the time or resources to post signs to tell residents when the trucks are coming.  But they're trying to coincide snow and ice removal with trash collection days.

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