Kaine reflects on time as governor

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Governor Tim Kaine has less than a month left to serve as Virginia's governor, and today, we sat down with him to talk about what he's worked to do over the past four years.

Kaine points to many accomplishments, but says there are many things he wishes he could've gotten done. When he took office in January of 2006, Tim Kaine could've never predicted what he was in for.

"It has been my lot to lead Virginia through the toughest economy since the 1930's," said Kaine.

Virginia and the rest of the country was slammed with a recession. Kaine believes his administration has weathered the storm.

"Walking out I can say that there is not another state in this country that has the claim to leadership that Virginia has right now," he said.

In Kaine's mind - maintaining the state's triple a bond rating and keeping unemployment low is evidence of that success. But he's been forced to slash important programs and propose a budget that raises income taxes for the first time in decades. Decisions, Kaine thinks, had to be made.

"Results speak for themselves. Each of the three publications that rank which states are the most business friendly, they all put Virginia #1," Kaine said.

But there was plenty Kaine wishes he could've accomplished. Chief among them - developing a comprehensive solution to the commonwealth's transportation problem.

Kaine believes this could be the end of the road for him in elected politics. In January he becomes DNC Chair full time. But while he travels all over the country, Richmond will still be home.

"This is our city, we love it, we aren't planning on moving," said Kaine.

And we'll have much more of our interview with governor Kaine leading up to his final days in office. For more, including just how close he came to become the democratic nominee for Vice President, log on to Decision Virginia dot com.

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