"Meals on Wheels" appeals for four wheel drivers

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The storm's aftermath is still making it difficult for homebound seniors to get their food deliveries. So the local chapter of "Meals on Wheels" needs help, from a specific type of vehicle.

They need people who have four wheel drive. The problem is not the primary or secondary roads. It's that many of the regular volunteers can't get out from their own house, yet.

At 93 years old, Ruth Chamberlain is thrilled to receive her "Meals on Wheels" delivery.

"You know, this is a blessing, to have people to come in to see you," said Ruth.

Ruth is among a thousand clients in the area, who depend on these daily deliveries, which are made by about 200 volunteers, but the problem is - some of the volunteers can't get out of their own neighborhoods.

"As long as there's some road exposed, it's okay. But if it's all ice covered snow, it's pretty tough," said Church Young, "Meals on Wheels" volunteer.

That's where people like Church Young and his family come in. The Young's made sure to use their four-wheel-drive SUV, and with some volunteers still expected to have trouble getting on the road; Meals on Wheels is asking for other four wheel drivers to come forward.

"The real challenge will be tomorrow, people actually start going back to their jobs and we'll still need  help, because a lot of our volunteers still can't get out of their house," said Peter Sokol, FeedMore VP of Operations.

The Young's made twenty deliveries today. They appeared ready, for twenty more.

"Obviously, for the people that need it the most, we're just thrilled to have an opportunity to help out in any way we can," Church said.

And clients like Edith Taylor are grateful, for the effort.

"It just makes you know that somebody thinking of you every day when they come in," said Edith.

So, if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle and you can help...here's what you do: call 673-5035. Then, tomorrow, you'll go to the distribution center, on Willow Lawn Drive. They'll give you a list of clients with turn-by-turn directions, and you'll make deliveries to some very happy people. 

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