Hard-hit areas still digging out

By Matt Butner - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – This weekend's snowstorm hit especially hard in places north and west of Richmond. Some places, such as western Hanover and parts of Louisa County saw anywhere from 14 to 19 inches of snow. Folks there were still digging themselves out this morning after spending most of the weekend indoors.

Just outside of Montpelier, the snow started falling Friday evening. Suzanne Colvin and her husband hunkered down for the storm.

"No worry, just prepared," said Suzanne. "We had brought the generator up to the back of the house in case we lost power."

And inside their house is where they stayed, from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. That's when a neighbor came to free them.

"There he was with his little tractor, scraping our driveway for us. And he wasn't asked, it wasn't solicited.  He came out of the goodness of his heart," she said.

Across the street, Wayne Inge chipped away at the chunks of ice still blocking the end of his driveway Monday morning. And it's quite a driveway.

Wayne Inge: "We have one vehicle that's 4 wheel drive, that's the only way we can get in and out."
Matt Butner: "How long is your driveway?"
Wayne Inge: "Probably about a quarter mile, give or take."

A yardstick in Wayne's backyard measured 16 inches of snow. And it was worse in other spots- not far away; the village of Louisa recorded 19 inches. These are mostly rural areas, which means it takes a little longer to clear remote side streets and driveways.

That's one reason why folks in western Hanover County have come to rely on the kindness of neighbors in times of need.

"You don't have to ask if you need something- they just seem to anticipate it, and they're here. That's what makes this area so special up here," said Suzanne.

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