Winter storm leads to flight cancellations at RIC

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) –  The snow storm is causing a lot of headaches for air travelers.  Nearly 50 flights scheduled for Saturday at Richmond International Airport have been cancelled.

Travelers saw a lot of cancellations and delays Friday night.

Most of those cancellations came well before the first snowflakes fell.

The big concern is when all the snow heads up to destinations like New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

Karen brown flew half way around the world to be with her family for Christmas.

She arrived in Richmond from Hong Kong just ahead of the winter storm.

"I feel very blessed to be here," said Brown.

The snow raised Kacey Gizela's concern level.

He was trying to get home to Boston.

"I just hope I make it cause I have a connecting flight, I'm still hoping that doesn't get cancelled," said Gizela.

"It started off with much promise," said Airport Spokesman Troy Bell.

The day quickly went south.

Well before the first sign of snow, cancellations start to fill up arrival and departure boards.

45 Saturday flights scrubbed including Jet Blue's full schedule said Bell.

Bellcanceled airlines realize the inconvenience but safety comes first.

"Truly it's not convenient to pre-schedule then cancel a flight but it's probably worse to get someone part way at their destination and be at a hub and resolve everything with a limited number of departures," said Bell.

Bell said the snow storm last March was much worse for travelers.

"I don't know if the storm that we're seeing this weekend is quite as vigorous as that we'll know in a day or two," said Bell.

For the Brown's, the roads are now a much different story.

"We're expecting the worst so we're really glad she's here," said Karen's mother, Ingrid who lives in Williamsburg.

If you have a flight scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, Bell suggests checking with your airline online first before heading to the airport.

Also give yourself some extra time to drive to the airport safely on the slick roads.

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