Dominion Virginia Power: Ready for the snow

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) --   The winter storm this weekend may knock down trees and limbs into powerlines, creating widespread outages.  Dominion Virginia Power says its prepared to respond quickly to any loss of power.

Dominion's storm center is up and running and it will remain fully staffed until the storm passes.

Dominion power has notified crews throughout the state to prepare for storm restoration duty.  At the storm center crews are keeping a close eye on the  path of the  storm.

"We're trying to access what impact this significant system will have on our facilities," said Rodney Blevins. "It's about making sure we have the right people, the right equipment in the areas we're likely to have those outages."

Dominion says crews will use their training and past experiences with heavy snow and downed power lines to quickly get those without power back up and running.

"So poles, cross arms, insulators, wires, things like that -- we know the material we'll need," Blevins said. "And our trucks are designed to carry that material so we'll make sure we'll have the materials on hand on the trucks to get the lights back on."

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