NBC12 Viewpoint: Think. Shop. Buy. Local.

By Don Richards, NBC12 Regional Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - So winter weather and the last shopping weekend before Christmas have arrived together this year.

The stage is set for a nostalgic scene. Our favorite old holiday movies have always included scenes of determined shoppers making their way through falling snow to the brightly lit shops in the town square.

In reality many of us might be snuggling up to our laptop, pointing, clicking and hoping for an on time delivery.

Maybe you have seen or heard about the campaign being advertised by the Retail Merchants Association in Richmond. It is called Think. Shop. Buy. Local.

The 800 members of this association simply want us to know that when you buy from a local business, you are directly helping our community.

Their message is simple. For every dollar you spend in a local store, roughly 45 cents stays in our local economy in salaries and in other beneficial ways. Not to mention that good personalized service can be very helpful in finding that perfect gift.

So Richmond, consider returning to a nostalgic approach to the holidays.  Think. Buy. Shop. Local.

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