Ukrop's customers and employees have questions about the sale

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Ukrop's customers and employees want to know more about the sale of the company.

It wasn't just the cash registers chirping away Thursday night at the Ukrop's at Patterson and Three Chopt. The aisles buzzed about the sale of what many consider their neighborhood store.

"It's about time, everything can be put behind all the speculation," said Brian Pye who works in the Village Ukrop's meat department.

He's been with the company for about five years now. News of the multimillion dollar sale one week before Christmas was a little unsettling.

"Everybody was like, great it's Christmas time, what's going to happen with our jobs," said Pye.

Knowing his job is safe is comforting. Outside the Forest Hill Ukrop's, the sale wasn't music to everyone's ears.

"It's kind of a fixture very active in the community," said longtime customer Michael Carpenter.

"Change isn't always bad, but when you've gone someplace for the past how many years; we're really going to miss it," said Theresa Young, another longtime customer.

Pye said he expects a lot of questions from customers in the coming days. But he has a few of his own for his new employer.

"Naturally I want to know: will I keep my pay scale benefits, is it going to be better, is it going to be worse," said Pye.

There may no longer be a "Donut Drive" or "Bagel Boulevard, but Pye said the kitchen and bakery will stay the same.

"Yeah, your White House rolls aren't going anywhere," said Pye.

Whether the new company will open the store on Sundays and sell beer is up in the air. Pye says it can't hurt in this difficult economy.

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