Scammers target Dominion Virginia Power customers

By Aaron Gilchrist - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you get electricity from Dominion, watch out for scam artists contacting customers pretending to be with the power company.

When the power company is the vehicle for con men, the potential impact is huge. Dominion Virginia Power has 2.3 million customers across Virginia, and just a handful have called Dominion saying a representative from the company contacted them with one of two stories.

"One is we have a rebate or refund for you, we need to get your card information to give you credit for that. The second thing that happens is, you're in arrears on your account, I want to collect payment," said Dominion Director of Customer Credit Services David Holt.

Holt says these calls, mostly in central Virginia, are not coming from the Dominion call center now, nor would they ever. Holt says the company usually communicates via your bill or with an automated call if your payment is late. But even if you got a call from Virginia Power, you'd never be asked to give up your personal financial information over the phone.

"Ultimately we're going to ask you to make your payment in the normal fashion whether it's a check, online, or through some other means where you are actually the proactive, and know who you're dealing with," Holt said.

Dominion can't be sure how many customers may have received calls and hasn't had any reports of customers actually giving out their information. If you do get a call, don't provide your info, but ask the caller for their name. If you have caller ID, write that number down too. Then call Dominion, and report what happened.

"It's a handful right now. We don't know exactly how extensive it is, but we want to stop it from becoming extensive," said Holt.

Right now, Dominion Corporate Security and local law enforcement are looking into these phony calls. If you received one, you can call Virginia Power at 888-667-3000.

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