Checkpoint Strikeforce kicks off in Richmond

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The holiday season is primetime for drunk driving accidents that often lead to fatalities, but an aggressive new ad campaign is ready to warn the worst offenders of the most serious consequence.

It is an astounding number - 43 percent. More than four in ten deaths on Virginia highways are the direct result of drinking and driving.

"Every single drunk driving incident, whether it's a crash a fatality or an injury is 100% preventable," said Kurt Erickson, Washington Regional Alcohol Program.

But despite what's possible, eliminating drunk driving deaths is not yet a reality. That is why Checkpoint Strikeforce is making an aggressive move to curb the problem by going directly to the group that is the most responsible.

"It is still a very much male dominated crime," Erickson said.

Men are the biggest offenders that is exactly who Checkpoint Strikeforce is hoping to reach. Their approach is twofold. First - an increased law enforcement presence, with checkpoints throughout the commonwealth. And second - a heavy ad campaign that bluntly informs men in particular what the cost of drunk driving can be.

"They do fear, the number one consequence, the fear of harming or killing someone else," said Erickson.

Which is why you can expect to see the warning: "Are you going to kill someone tonight?" many times this holiday season. If you'd like more information on "Checkpoint Strikeforce", just click here.

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