Grinch nearly steals Christmas

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - You can call it the Grinch who almost stole Christmas. A burglar breaks into a home while the owner had stepped out. The thief tried to steal the family's Christmas gifts, but he got a startling surprise instead.

This happened at a home in the 3700 block of Summers Trace Drive in Chesterfield...that's not far from Belmont Road. Even more shocking - the thief hit in broad daylight - around nine o'clock yesterday morning.

"By the time I came home, I opened the garage door and opened up the door between the garage and our kitchen, and someone came running down our steps and out the broken glass door and ran out," said the homeowner.

She wants her family to remain anonymous and had returned home with her son while the burglar was still inside her house. She did the first thing she could think of.

"I picked up my 3 year old and ran the opposite way," she said. "I wasn't sure that it was actually happening you know? I just saw someone coming towards us."

The burglar broke in through a back door leaving shattered glass everywhere. While he only unwrapped a few of the family gifts and rummaged through their upstairs bedroom, the woman's husband is hoping he still gets caught.

"I literally just sat outside waiting for someone to come up last night," said the husband. "It's unfortunate that some people have to go to other people's houses to get gifts. Maybe it's out of being desperate or maybe it's just out of evil."

The burglar left the house empty handed. The presents, although some unwrapped, are all accounted for. The mother is just thankful that she and her son weren't hurt.

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